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95% complete. Just a little more...)

Cerstop didn't even flinch at the scream like he used to.
"You're thinking of the fish, aren't you?" said Jasmine in her common Russian accent. Her ear twitched with this. "I still remember you were partnered with him in the past. Just stop. He's nothing now."
"Jasmine's correct." Cerstop spoke up. "Anyways, we're glad you're back. We've both been waiting for you."
"I have a plan. And it's already going on. Should happen right about now." said Jasmine.


X's ears went up and his markings flashed four times. Why was this so familar? That scent...
He suddenly remembered.

"Guys, get back."
"What is it?" asked Crenwood.

That was when it exploded.
The whole Eastern wall of the agency into ashes.

X was sent flying and hit a roof support beam and fell thirty feet. He grunted in pain.
Crenwood had to sheild himself from the blast, sparking thunder madly to take cover.
Cherry screamed and ran away, which wasn't so useful because the blast knocked her onto the Western wall.

When the exploison was over, Crenwood got up, coughed a bit form the dust, and ran out to check of the agency.

The whole entire Eastern wall was DESTROYED. Nope, no hope. None at all.


Just as the wall exploded, Fushia woke up from her sleep and rammed into the Western wall, such as what happened to Cherry and a few other agents. She grunted with the blast of cold.

Smelt like Jasmine. And cold. Too much cold. Like that suddering blast of ice Lily often produced.

Onc eit was over, she fell to the floor and looked at the clock. Oh my gosh, it wa snoon already. She must have been so cold to sleep this late. But her two roommates didn't wake her up during the winter. Too cold for a fire controller to be up early in winter. Too risky.

She rushed down the stairs to see debris everywhere.

Yup, smelt like Jasmine. She rushed out the door to check it the destruction from outside, but she stopped.

Oh no. It was snowing. She ran back in in a panic.


X got up. His tail was bleeding, but he didn't mind.

"Russians..." he said, dizzy. "Too many of them."
He shook it off. This was the first time he actually relized his tail really hurt.


Jasmine cackled madly, hearing the explosion.
"Mission complete." she quietly laughed.
Cerstop rolled his eyes, although there was a smirk on his face. Typical Jasmine. Other than killing things with her poison, blowing things up was just another one of her specialties.

Surely the blast would have hit everyone inside the agency's grounds.

(97% finished.)
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December 23, 2012
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