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So, with the ending of chapter three...
Strangely there was that feeling to kill someone. Again.
I'm not telling the characters at that moment I wanted to kill.
Well, they're gonna live.
To the very end. Past the uxexpected chapter.

Chapter three has lasted about a year or below.
New record.

Here goes another part.
The longest part I could possibly type.


Fushia was a bit dizzy from the blast. Everything hurt.


"NOT AGAIN!" she screamed, taking cover.

The Western wall exploded as well. Doom. The agency was going to collasp on everyone inside.

It seemed to Fushia all in slow motion. That feeling you get when you're so used to fighting.

She clearly had no hope to escape.

But just as the roof began to cave in...

She felt a shock. A very familiar shock.
Crenwood was sparking again.
He blasted a hole through the Northern wall and fled, dropping Fushia when he hit the ground. Both were running as fast as they could.

This was a bad day for all of them.

Fushia stopped and looked back.
"Crenwood! Wait!"
"What is it?" he said turning.
"Rocky's still in there!"
"Go, quick then! I'll meet you later!"
"I'll have to make this quick! Yes sir!"

The Southern wall collasped. The agency was almost destroyed. Crenwood looked back for a second, worried what would become of his best friend. He shook it off, and ran.


Violet panicked and hid behind Max.

"SHADOW COME SEE THIS NOW I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT I'M EVEN LOOKING AT" screamed Max, horrified. Shadow turned to look.
"Oh... my... gosh..."
Violet just squeaked nervousily and muttered something under her breath, which was trembling with terror.
"What about Xeo? I see agents everywhere fleeing... All except Xeo..." she squeaked, looking again with sorrowful eyes.
"Shadow, you could identify the agents. Quick." said Max.
Shadow focused his gaze.

"Crenwood, Cherry, Sky, Blub, Lily, Flyel, Gallop, Pinky, the thirteen bronzes, I think I see most of them." he said. "The Russian duo is nowhere in sight, so maybe... just maybe, Jasmine did it."
Violet shuddered. Max placed a paw on her for reasurrance.

"Xeo must still be inside, or he already ran. Rocky I can't find, or Fushia, Choco, Bluebell, Cricky, and that non-agent Flora." said Shadow.

"I saw Choco and the others you metioned except Xeo, Fushia, and Rocky flee. They must be okay." replied Max.

Shadow sighed.
"There goes all hope of the agents winning the war... The prophecy is doomed."


X lay still.
Was it over?
He could still hear crashes and exploisons. Sparks and glass breaking from the computers and technology.

This was an explosion from the bottom. The roof was going to cave in.

The third floor was going to cave in and the nuclear waste would kill them all in no time flat.

He lay still, his weak powers struggling to protect him from flying debris and chemicals that could kill. But the air was limited in his sheild. Very limited. And he wa salready losing his breath. He had to get out and quick.

He didn't feel like it, though.

He just let the world her knew so well cave in on him.
His protection broke in two and he was buried in debris.

That was it.

No hope at all.


Fushia looked around. The Tech Room was smashed. Everything. She couldn't even see the walls anymore.

Nevermind that. She had a boy to save.

But the Hospital Wing was crushed as well!

She panicked.
No hope.
She turned back and fled, but a flaming support beam fell infront of her.
Than another.
And another.
And another.

She was trapped, and digging or burning her way out was useless.


Shadow screamed in pain and staggered.

"Shadow! What happened?!" said Max, startled.
Violet squeaked in her squeakish squeak that she always squeaked. (lol I was lazy sorreh)
"Xeo's chip managed to connect to me. Again." said Shadow. He slowly recovered.

"I guess we just watch our agency burn, am I right?" said Max, sighing.

"I guess we do, Max. We watch our agency burn."


So I guess that ends it.
In most of our heads, we could easily see the agency crumbling like there's no more hope.
But that's not it yet.
Chapter Four is on the rise.

Here it goes...

"LPS Spies Unite: Chapter Four: Forever Fearless" is about to begin!

But the Christmas mission is in the way...

"LPS Spies Unite: Christmas Mission: Bowing to Meccah" is on!

The agents must travel to a forbidden Moslim city after getting the word that someone is about to steal a presious- and mysterious- real life artifact...

Get your atlas open guys.
I suggest getting The Atlas of Mysterious Places. Real book. Meccah is in there somewhere. It's how I discover the city.
(I named the mission after a fragment of info on the final page of Meccah. Heh. I was lazy.)

Be prepared for a harsh encounter of an old enemy!

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